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2024 RAM 1500 – REV

The electric truck will include several features, such as up to 18-foot-long cargo storage, detachable third-row seating , a detachable center console, a multifunctional tailgate, grand saloon doors, and automatically powered steps. Addition unique features include:

  • Shadow mode: Allows the vehicle to automatically follow the driver walking in front of the EV. A useful feature for work or construction sites.
  • Cabin mode: A one-button setting that adjusts the entire cabin experience. Options include productivity, social, party, relaxation, and customizable modes.
  • Exterior projector: The EV pickup can visually communicate information, such as doubling as a mobile movie theater.

It will sit on the STLA frame suited for larger electric vehicles, providing 200+ kWh and up to 500 miles of range. Furthermore, the larger frame will give Ram’s electric truck more rear legroom and comfort to recline than the 2023 Ram 1500.